Some might think it’s crazy that we leave in 6 days & haven’t found a place to live yet.

I think this is what makes our move to New Mexico exciting.

Instead of renting our own furnished apartment for 3 months, which I think would be quite lonely, we’ve elected to do something more exciting.  Jacob & I have decided we’ll be staying in a private room via AirBnB instead – how cool is this!

Living in someones home, with them or other guests, will give us plenty of opportunity to meet people and make new friends.  In addition, this’ll be a great way to get to know the area and understand Albuquerque from the locals themselves.

Looking forward to our road trip.

Our road trip from Wisconsin to New Mexico will take us 2 days; we’re planning a few different sites to stop at along the way.

You can be sure i’ll be writing more often now, and I hope you’ll stay tuned as I continue to update you on our adventure.