I need some balance

As you know, Jacob & I have been tiling our house the last couple of weeks.  We really do enjoy working on projects together, but our house has approximately 3 simultaneous projects happening at every moment, so it’s often exhausting.

I don’t think I’d necessarily consider myself a “clean freak” however, I do love organization. As you can imagine, an entire level of our house is being tiled so our house is in complete disarray.

The first few days of our tiling project were fun – demolition is awesome! (tearing up carpet, ripping out old baseboards, etc.)  But it’s been a freakin’ roller coaster.

I’m exhausted – mentally & physically.  I had no idea how much physical labor would be involved with the tiling.  We are constantly up & down from the floor, hauling in cement floor boards, cutting tiles, mixing mortar, applying grout, cleaning the tiles – seriously, what a humongous project this is.

With 537 sq ft. of our inside space under construction, our house is an organized disaster.  You know the feeling when your house is a mess and it’s totally overwhelming? Yah, it’s energy draining.  Not to mention, we often entertain & have friends over, so Jacob & I have been trying to get this project done as quickly as possible; consequently, my other work has met a screeching halt.

I totally believe that everyone needs a break from their work every now & then, but I miss work.

I have never been in love with my work before – I miss the process of my work.

My page began through my passion for fashion & thrifting, but it’s turned into something much more for me.  While I began experimenting with my Instagram & now blog, I uncovered another serious passion I have – personal growth & authentic living.

Even now I have a hard time summarizing what that means because it’s a deep concept.

I love sharing conversation about self reflection & personal development.

It’s so easy to forget to take time for ourselves. I’ve discovered that when I’m exhausted (mentally or physically), I can’t give 100% to anything.  It’s hard to remind myself to slow down sometimes.

I’ve never felt more proud of myself thinking about how far I’ve come and the positive influence I’ve made in my life.  I could sit for hours writing a post about what that means for me & I’d easily sit for hours with some of my friends talking about this lifestyle change.   ← It seriously is a lifestyle.

Training myself to become the best possible ME means so many things; it’s totally affected every aspect of my life, and I’m in love with this process. 

I miss the reflection, conversations, and peace that comes to me from the above.  I obsess over it all; so much so that I talk to myself aloud like I’m giving a speech about this life.

Lesson learned: with everything in life, balance is required.  I love working with Jacob on our house, but I’ve learned it’s necessary to break & work on my interests for a few moments.  If by the end of the day I haven’t taken any time to do what fulfills me, it leaves me seriously drained & my energy is off.

I believe that I’m in the process of uncovering my potential.

Take 20 minutes out of your day, shut down everything in your mind & watch this video.

It can be powerful if you hear it.


M ♥

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