What About My Outfit

Cheers to new adventure.

My love for thrifting

If you don't know that I love thrifting, do you even know me at all? Let me start from the beginning. I have to admit - as a teenager & young adult I was really brand conscious. I can recall back-to-school shopping with my mom & being completely insistent that...

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Our 4th of July

You know those weekends that you wish you could relive? Like, you wish someone would GoPro document your entire weekend?   Yah, this holiday was one for the books ♥ Jacob & I don't have a 4th of July tradition. The last few years on the 4th we seem to decide last...

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I need some balance

As you know, Jacob & I have been tiling our house the last couple of weeks.  We really do enjoy working on projects together, but our house has approximately 3 simultaneous projects happening at every moment, so it's often exhausting. I don't think I'd necessarily...

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I’m not a regular blonde, I’m a COOL blonde

Let's be honest ladies, being a blonde isn't cheap No, seriously though - unless you're blessed with naturally beautiful locks that require no upkeep, being a girl is expensive and time consuming. Someone once told me, "beauty is pain!" Well, beauty is also expensive,...

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No, i won’t hangout with you & your phone

I despise how obsessed people are with their phones. It boils my blood when I'm out with a group of friends & people have their noses in their screens.  Think about how many times you might've been having a conversation and halfway through the other person picks...

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Yoga Gear

Confessional - I don't like the gym, but I love me som' yoga ♥      Sage Power Capri // Exact   YOGA Slingback Backpack // Exact Palm Premium Yoga Mat // Similar Glass Water Bottle // Similar ←Limited Time Promotion Sale!   Bottle Bright Tablets // Exact Missed my...

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