Self Care

Women React to Being Called Beautiful

        If you haven’t seen the original video, you need watch it.  

My Daily Affirmations

 What do you think about when you think about health?

7 Positive Tasks to Try this Week

Creating a healthy & positive space can be challenging.  Purging negativity is far harder than I initially believed.  I had no idea how much negativity I was allowing to infect my life. Deciding to live an unapologetic lifestyle is a life choice that has left […]

I need some balance

As you know, Jacob & I have been tiling our house the last couple of weeks.  We really do enjoy working on projects together, but our house has approximately 3 simultaneous projects happening at every moment, so it’s often exhausting.

My Back Says, “Thank-You”

  My previous job, that I recently quit, left me sitting at a desk for 11 hours each day.