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Hello, I am MiKall


Why am I writing a blog?

Late 2016 I had, what some would call, a quarter-life breakdown.  I felt drained, unhappy, and lost- like I was living with no real “purpose”.   No longer was I going to allow myself to live this way; I knew that there had to be something more to life!

Through deep self-reflection & exploration, I was able to uncover several factors that were contributing to a negative lifestyle.  Now, I work hard every day to live authentically.

One of the greatest changes I’ve made in my life has been allowing myself to put myself first.  –a concept I once thought of as being selfish.

Self-love, Self-respect, and Self-Awareness are characteristics I now value, and that’s where this project started.

Follow along & read about how my self-love lifestyle has changed my life.

I’m a free spirited young woman with a strong passion for self-love & expressing my individuality through fashion.

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