Who do you most admire? 

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Are you the person you wish you were?

I think we all need to practice self-love more often.

Think about the person you would most like to be in life. Think about the person you admire the most, the person you’d most like to change places with if you could. Now write down why you admire them & put it on a piece of paper.

Now figure out the person you’d least like to change places with, the person who really turns you off.  Who do you find repulsive? List the reasons that person turns you off so much.

Now look at your list.

You’ll find that everything you admire in other people, the qualities they bring to life, you’ll find those are things you can do yourself, they’re very simple, you’ve just got to apply yourself every day.

If you do this, and practice this something amazing will happen for you.

If you go through this same exercise 2 or 3 years from now, you’ll find the person you admire the most is yourself.


-Warren Buffett

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