Fall Faux Suede Skirt & Top Knot

Don’t kill me, but I’m totally over summer.

If I haven’t made it clear enough, I’m ready for fall. This hot & cold (literally) Wisconsin weather is totally messing with my wardrobe.  I’m ready to put away my suit, & pull out my boots, scarves, and fall thermals ♥  Bring on PSL season! 🍂

Anyways, this transitional weather leaves me standing in front of my closet, longer than necessary, wondering what to wear.  This’ll be too hot, this is too summery… you get the idea.

Today’s Look

This morning was one of those “middle temp weather” scenarios…

…shorts? jeans? sweater? t-shirt?

A few months ago I found this Abercrombie & Fitch faux suede skirt at a thrift store, and I purchased it with full intentions to resell it. Fast forward to today, and I haven’t even listed it; instead, I think it pairs perfectly with my slouchy white top.

I have to credit my accessories, because I’m totally obsessed.

You’ve likely seen on my Instagram that this vintage tooled bag cost me $0.66!

In addition, I’ve been all over these handmade bracelets – so boho!

Lastly, I’m typically an aviator gal, but these retro round-eyed glasses give me a 70’s vibe – which I’m all about.

Outfit Details

Sunnies, $6 Clearance at my local gardening shop

White Slouchy Top, $9 Target

A&F Skirt, $3 Thrifted from St. Vincent de Paul

Apt 9. Espadrilles,  $9 Clearance, Kohls

Vintage Tooled Leather Bag, $0.66, Goodwill Bins

Oversized Handmade Bracelets, $8 Clearance, Earthbound Trading Co.


What do you think?

My attempt was to blend fall fashion with a little taste of summertime.  Fall on top, summer on bottom.

Who else is ready for fall fashion?


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