Feelin’ the ♥

♥ Happy Wednesday ♥

This morning I’m feeling especially grateful for the life journey I’m currently on.  You’ve heard me talk about it before- quite simply, I’m focusing on building a life that I love.  Although it’s a simple concept, it’s not easy; we all spend too much time worrying about other people.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I often post videos of myself talking about the life changes I’m making.  Posting videos of myself was challenging at the beginning because I’m not completely comfortable in front of the camera.  Talking about my real life experiences and raw emotions was intimidating.  

What will people think? Who cares what I have to say?

Here’s what I quickly realized – people relate to what I’m saying!

I’ve received so many messages from people sharing their stories about their life journeys and related challenges.  Removing negativity and unhealthy relationships from your life is hard (!) but it leaves so much room for positive relationships – it’s worth it.

The amount of supportive feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.  I’ve received sweet messages from my BFFs,  new social media friends, and old acquaintances who I’m happy to reconnect with ♥ 

~*~Ya’ll – I love all of my positive friends!!!!~*~

So, thank-you to everyone everyone who is supportive.  Your kind words make my day.  With each supportive message, I recognize it as a sign from God that I’m on the right path & doing the right thing.

I’m feeling’ the love, thank-you. 



PS – I’m not blind to the fact that I know I’ve got unsupportive watchers too.  That’s okay, I’m not worried about them.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill 

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