My Back Says, “Thank-You”


My previous job, that I recently quit, left me sitting at a desk for 11 hours each day.

Workplace ergonomics are really important because – WOW, working at a computer for that long is really bad for your body.  My back ached so bad that it often left me in tears.

The well-being of my body & mind are extremely important considering I’m only 26.

I rarely workout at the gym because I get bored with the repetitions & weights; however, I really enjoy fitness classes and other activities like kayaking, biking, walking, etc.  My favorite physical activity is yoga – I love its blend of mind & body exercise.

My dear friend Dr. Matt Trimner has had several conversations with me about the importance of daily physical activity & its’ benefit to back pain.  Matt is a licensed chiropractor and without his help I wouldn’t be finally starting to heal and understand my pain. Check out his website & Facebook; he’s always posting helpful videos & tips – a true lifesaver.

A study from UNC notes that over 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some time in their lives.  If you’ve experienced low back pain, you know that it can often be unbearable.  At times I wondered if I’d be suffering in pain like this for the rest of my life, nothing seemed to be really working. 😞

Then, I met her – My lovely, lovely Yoga Wheel.

Honestly, one of the greatest products I’ve invested in- it’s pretty amazing. Not only does it help my yoga practice, but it’s aiding significantly with my back.  I could go on & on about its’ benefits, but instead I’ll direct you here.

(*Note: She writes about spending >$100 on a wheel. Please, you don’t need to do this. I link below to a wheel I recommend for a fraction of the price.)                                                                                                                       $69.99       $15.99   →

Hey! You don’t necessarily need to be a yogi to use a wheel either.  If you have back pain, rolling around on a yoga wheel for 10 minutes feels like heaven while it massages your spine.  I recommend this product because it works.

Not to mention, $15.99 is less than a Dr.’s appointment, pain medication, or back surgery (EEK!!!!) – give it a try.

 JBM Yoga Wheel. Relieves Stress, Stretch and Open the Chest, Shoulders, Back, Hips and Spine

Once you’ve got your yoga wheel in hand, check out Estelea’s post & practice rolling 🤗

Do you suffer from back pain? If so, have you found anything that works for you?

M ♥

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