My Daily Affirmations

 What do you think about when you think about health?

Likely you imagine a healthy bowl of fruit, or maybe even some rock hard 6pack abs -haha.

But really – It’s no secret that our society is obsessive over physical appearance.  

Today, you can log into social media & be flooded with photos about physical health –  bikini pics, meal prep photos, gym shots, workout routines, etc.  Let me clarify that I’m not hating on these posts – even I love posting photos of my yoga mat!  All I’m saying is that there is plenty of inspo and resources providing information about physical health (without you even having to search for it). 

My point?

My point is that we tend to predetermine an individuals’ level of overall “healthiness”  based off of their physical appearance.

But wait, really my point is this…

Our mental, emotional, and spiritual health are as equally important as is our physical health.  Considering that the aforementioned are unseen – you are personally responsible for evaluating & identifying areas of improvement surrounding your mental, emotional, & spiritual health.  

You’ve heard me quote over & over the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, but as the saying goes…

“You spend the most time talking to yourself, make sure you are saying the right things” – Unknown

In one of my favorite videos of Les Brown, he says that our minds are most impressionable within the first 20 minutes of the day.  Regardless of the evidence behind his saying so,  I have personally found this theory to be true.  

To test its effectiveness, I’ve begun every morning over the last week by talking to myself.  Instead of scrolling Instagram the moment I wake up, I hop out of bed and prepare myself breakfast while thinking positively about myself & my life!  (BONUS: no one even knows you’re doing this so it’s really easy).

I could go on and on about the benefits of daily affirmations (and you betcha I probably will in a future post), but I challenge you to find out for yourself.   

Understand that just like our physical health plans differ from person to person, our mental & spiritual health routines will also vary.  You may be able to easily recognize where your health needs a lil’ TLC, but if not, try beginning with some self reflection (not comparison!). 

You can use some of my affirmations or create a list of your own.  Here’s what is currently working for me:

M ♥

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