If you don’t know that I love thrifting, do you even know me at all?

Let me start from the beginning.

I have to admit – as a teenager & young adult I was really brand conscious. I can recall back-to-school
shopping with my mom & being completely insistent that we buy name brand clothes from the mall  – which completely horrifies me now, sorry mom.

I’d even refused to shop with my mom if she’d be using any sort of coupon.  A coupon implied (to me at the time) that we had financial problems – who really needs to save 0.30 on bread mom?   Are we having problems? – no, we weren’t.

Realize that as snobbish as that sounds – I was a teenager overly concerned with my appearance & peers’ perception of me. Who wasn’t?

A lot has changed since 16,  a lot. 

Honestly I’m not sure what happened, or when it happened exactly, but my priorities have shifted dramatically.

My name is MiKall and I am an obsessive thrifter.

OH.M.G I love everything about thrifting…okay well not everything, but almost everything.

I fell in love with thrift stores when I left my parents’ nest & ventured off to college. Never had I realized how expensive basic necessities were – like toilet paper, c’mon!

My thrift store purchases, at this point, were mostly house decor items (I wasn’t buying clothes secondhand, yet).   I had a lot of girlfriends in college & we all shared clothes so I didn’t need to shop as often.  On the occasion we’d go out & shop for clothes, TJMaxx was my go-to for obvious reasons.

On days when I’ve got time to kill,  I’ll venture out to the thrift store and aimlessly browse around.  If I find myself in another town with time, I’ll source out their thrift stores & stop in – that’s really exciting, new territory!
It’s the hidden gem treasure hunt that I love.

It’s so much fun to search item by item for the one-of-a-kind treasure pieces – they exist!  The treasure hunt is also why I shop garage sales & dart to clearance racks, it’s like a high when I find something worth bringing home.  (& for pennies on the dollar, how could I pass up a hidden gem?!)

My thrifting obsession went from 0 to 100 when I realized the earning potential.  I began thrifting & flipping and it came quite easily for me.  It’s like they say – when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

Here’s the thing though, if you don’t like shifting through rack after rack to find that 1 amazing piece, you probably also don’t enjoy thrifting.  It’s rewarding when I find 1 piece, but I’ll be really honest – it’s time-consuming.

The time & energy required for sourcing even 1 single product can be extensive.  Finding the right items is the fun part for me, so if you don’t enjoy the process you’ll be miserable trying to thrift & flip.

Thrift store items are donated goods and this means the items may have stains, weird smells (ew!), or defects.  If you consider yourself to be a germophobe, or if you hate browsing through racks of “junk”, stay home. BUT if you like a challenge, saving money, & enjoy the excitement of finding unique pieces, then you might enjoy thrifting as much as I do!

Nowadays when I thrift, about 50% of the items I keep for myself – even apparel!

Don’t fret germophobes, all items I keep for myself are heavily inspected & disinfected before I wear them.

I have so much fun shopping secondhand for clothes now, ask my friends! I’m always talking about how inexpensive my outfits are. I think it’s better than bragging about how expensive my wardrobe is …I never understood that anyways.  Like cool, you spent 200$ on that top?  I just bought that same top for $1.   Thrift stores rule!

Not everyone can shop secondhand & that’s okay.  10 years ago I would’ve never been seen shopping in Goodwill.  Isn’t it crazy how we change?  I hear some thrifters talk about how they’re embarrassed to admit they shop at thrift stores – why!  (If you’re someone who has to shop secondhand then your feelings are deeper than the situation I’m referring.)


Here are some of my favorite things about thrift stores:

  • The prices – duh!
  • Unique one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Name brand pieces
  • Treasure hunting
  • The staff –  They’re typically volunteer and elder ladies & gents are so sweet!

Some things I could do without:

  • Stuffy smells – thrift stores don’t clean the items before they’re placed on shelves. It’s explainable but still yucky
  • Mysterious Stains – there have been times I’ve found amazing designer pieces….with unforgivable defects. The emotional rollercoaster involved with that discovery is heart wrenching (LOL)

In summary, thrift stores have a special place in my heart and I urge y’all to thrift too.

If you’re not following my Instagram, you should be – I often post my thrift adventures & finds.  I also post the For Sale items on Instagram first too!

Who are my fellow thrifters?

M ♥