Yesterday, Jacob and I moved out of our first Airbnb and into our second.

The International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is currently ongoing here in Albuquerque, so temporary housing demands are high.  According to the official website, they’ve registered over 1,000 balloons for the event in 2000. So you can imagine how busy this city is!  You can read more about the International Fiesta here.

Photo Cred Airbnb

Again recall that Jacob & I have opted to stay in Airbnb’s throughout our trip, rather than renting a furnished apartment. During our search, we ran uncovered that unfortunately, due to the large fiesta, prices were really high for the first week of our trip; nevertheless, managed to find an adorable home near  downtown Albuqurque with great nightly prices, so we booked our first place for 4 nights.

Our Arrival

Our host welcomed us into her place and we got settled in the spare bedroom. Shortly after we arrived, she announced that she’d be heading out of town for a few days for work. Our host was gone for our entire 4 nights.  I have mixed feelings because I was looking forward to interacting with her; however, it was really nice for Jacob and I to have had the entire home to ourselves for our first few days in NM. Being alone allowed us to “take over” the space rather than feeling like we might be imposing on space – for example, making eggs in the morning, or watching tv on the couch – all things our host welcomed us to do, but ya know?

Thursday was rather low-key. We spent the rest of the day doing laundry and unwinding from our trip.

Here are some of our weekend highlights from our first weekend in Albuquerque!

Albuquerque Weekend Highlights

Dinner in Old Town

Friday night we went for dinner in Old Town. Old Town Albuquerque is an adorable village filled with local artwork, museums, and authentic foods – a dream!

This is a part of town that you’ll want to park and explore by foot. The stores line the streets and there’s often live music and artisans selling handcrafts along the sidewalks.

Old Town is a tourist attraction, but it didn’t feel “touristy” at all. This area felt very authentic and cozy.  If you plan a trip to Albuquerque, it’s a must see!

Jacob & I have planned to return for multiple events.

Hiking The Sandias

Saturday morning we awoke and ventured to the mountains.

I researched some trail recommendations and we drove to the foothills to start our trek.  We began our hike and reached tops of various peaks.  The highest point is the Sandia Crest, almost 11,000 ft in elevation. Jacob and I did not explore the Crest, yet.

How do you dress for hiking in the mountains?

Layers. We’d been advised that the weather in The Sandias can be about 30degrees cooler than in the city. I probably overdressed, but better that than be freezing!  Because we weren’t at the highest elevation, it wasn’t as cold as I’d anticipated, but it was chilly.

It’s a common misconception that Albuquerque is always hot.  Actually, Albuquerque celebrates 4 seasons and because of it’s high elevation, it’s rather cool here now.  For example, the average high in October is 71, and the average low is 44 degrees! (source) However, this morning when we awoke it was 38 degrees!  LOL at Jacob who thought we were escaping the cold.

It wasn’t long before Jacob & I ventured off path to attempt to capture a better view.  While the views were breathtaking, we realized we’d lost the hiking path.

I can’t help that the entire time we were hiking, trying to find the path, that this’d surely be the time I’d run into a rattlesnake.

I don’t know why, but I have this strange fascination with snakes.  Listen, I hate snakes – I’m scared of them and I just despise them so much- sorry snake lovers.  I don’t know where this comes from, but I want to see a rattlesnake so bad (yuck, yuck, yuck!). Even while we’re driving, I’ll stare into the foliage looking for them… I don’t know, don’t ask. 

Bends & Balloons

Sunday was the highlight of my weekend.

Jacob and I awoke about 5AM to attend a rooftop sunrise yoga class downtown Albuquerque. It was Jacobs first ever yoga class, and my first class in ABQ.

You know what, this might have been my favorite ever yoga class!

Photo cred YogaZo

We arrived about 30 minutes prior to class, and it was cold, about 40 degrees rooftop in the darkness – cold, but totally worth it. We faced The Sandias and as the sun peaked over their top, the feeling it gave me was indescribable. Not to mention, the hot air balloons were on the horizon – it was an absolutely beautiful class.

After class we were provided coffee & breakfast burritos (which are apparently a big deal in New Mexico).  They were delicious, and the coffee warmed us up a bit.


We ended Sunday with The Packers and some sushi for dinner.


On Monday we packed up and moved into our new “home”.  This second Airbnb we have reserved for 5 weeks, although Jacob and I are already wanting to extend our stay.  This location is in an affluent part of the community, near the University of New Mexico.

We drove over to Trader Joe’s yesterday for some groceries, and were so excited to see all of the young students and trendy shops and restaurants in this area.

It was the perfect weekend .