We’re officially on the road! En route to New Mexico, last night we stopped in Saint Louis where we spent the night.
It was a 5 hour drive to Saint Louis and Jacob drove the entire trip.  I love riding in the car , but by hour 4 I was way too antsy.

Shortly after I mentioned needing a break, we saw a billboard for the Pink Elephant Antique Shop –  um, yes please?!

Surprisingly, we (I) didn’t buy anything, but  I always enjoy an antique shop – and a unique photo op! Back in the car, only one more hour until Saint Louis.

1st Stop – Saint Louis

When we finally arrived, we stopped first at The Gateway Arch. I wish I could’ve captured the entire arch, but it’s far too large for one photo. It was cool to have stopped here on Monday because it was less crowded than I imagine it being on weekends.

We stayed long enough to enjoy a photo op and some sight seeing.

(I’d like to remind you that Jacob & I have decided to stay with Airbnb hosts our entire 3 month trip. We’ve enjoyed hosting so much, and we’re so excited to become guests and meet local people throughout the country. If you haven’t used Airbnb, you’re totally missing out!)

We did some drive-through touring of downtown Saint Louis, but shortly thereafter decided to check into our first Airbnb.

Photo cred Airbnb

This first Airbnb was so cute – an art studio by day, Airbnb by night. I selected this stay based on location, reviews, and photos. It was such a unique stay – I totally loved it. It was close to a trendy downtown street, so we enjoyed exploring our restaurant options. . .

We met our hosts briefly upon check-in. Two women, close to our age, who helped us get settled and provided us food recommendations too. Jacob enjoyed this Airbnb too, but the pullout couch (Aka pullout chair) was way too small for both of us, so it was a restless night.

We awoke to fresh local bagels & coffee provided by our hosts – yum! We showered, packed up, and hit the road again- this time for Oklahoma.

Airbnb Tip – All Airbnb hosts should provide travel mugs for their guests, especially if you offer coffee. I really wanted to take my coffee along, but was forced to hurriedly drink it so that we could hit the road again. This great tip was provided to me by a friend, and we offer travel mugs to our guests.

On The Road Again

The entire 8 hour drive to OK City, it poured. It rained so hard that we passed 2 serious car accidents on the interstate; luckily, we arrived to our second stop safely.

One of my favorite things about road trips are the road trip snacks.  My mom packed us a delicious snack bag for our travels – thanks mom ♥!  I love snacks, but everyone knows the feeling you get after eating too many road trip snacks – you feel lousy considering most are likely unhealthy.  So, Jacob and I were excited when we stopped for gas in Springfield, MO and we stumbled upon a Juice Bar.  It was really delicious and left us feeling recharged, not sluggish.

2nd Stop – Oklahoma City

Our second Airbnb stay was located in Norman, Oklahoma, and if you didn’t know, which we didn’t, this is where The University of Oklahoma is located.

Photo cred Yelp

We arrived to Norman around 5:30 PM, and were too early for our check-in, so I found a restaurant for dinner.  I use YELP for everything, and this is exactly how I found Volare. Volare is a hip pizza restaurant complete with rooftop dining – YUP, sold.  I think that everyone from Wisconsin is likely just as obsessed as I am with outdoor dining.

From the rooftop we overlooked the OU stadium and other cool eateries – I’m all about the atmosphere. This pizza photo is from Yelp, because I don’t believe that my half eaten slice does this place justice. 5stars!

After dinner we walked around and stumbled upon a coffee & pastry shoppe –  Crimson & Whipped Cream. We shared a coffee, cupcake, and moon pie – don’t judge us.

From downtown  Norman it took us about 20 minutes to arrive at our next Airbnb, our final destination for the evening. As we drove into Norman, the houses were trailer-like although the natural hills were beautiful – welcome to the country.  But on our drive to our Airbnb, the houses seemed to get bigger as it became more desolate. Don’t believe me? Type in “Norman, OK” in google & check out this beautiful town!

We arrived at our nights stay around 8PM, which is where I lay writing this post.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous home in rural Oklahoma, magazine worthy. It’s dark outside now, but our host mentioned they have a horse, so expect that’s where I’ll be in the morning.

We’re relaxing in our room with a movie.  Tomorrow I think we’ll head to Santa Fe, NM.  We don’t check in to our Albuquerque place until Thursday, but we have no plans for tomorrow yet so we’ll see.

I Miss Home

It’s only been 72 hours, but I miss home. I can’t focus on that though, because I get emotional and start playing “what if”.  jacob & I are really excited about our new adventure, and I’m really looking forward to immersing in the New Mexico lifestyle. Also, I learned that Albuquerque is home to a Nordstrom Rack, so on my lonely days I’ll go there.


Currently📍- Norman, Oklahoma