Our 4th of July

You know those weekends that you wish you could relive? Like, you wish someone would GoPro document your entire weekend?  

Yah, this holiday was one for the books 

Jacob & I don’t have a 4th of July tradition. The last few years on the 4th we seem to decide last minute what we’ll do – sometimes we’re even apart.  So, this 4th of July we decided that we’d start our own traditions & we both agreed we’d like to spend it together with our best friends.

Our holiday weekend started on Friday – our friends Kat & Zach hosted.  We arrived after dinner & there was still daylight, so we started with some yard games & Kat served us homemade mojitos 😋  

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The night went on for a few hours – we lit the bonfire & roasted s’mores. 

 It’s seriously been years since my last s’more and OMG I forgot how amazing they are…I might’ve had 2 (or 3).





Saturday morning arrived – Jacob & I were off for some boating.  We packed our cooler, stopped for some boatIMG_5135 snacks, & met Derek at his house to load up the boat. We cruised for a while and then anchored at the sand bar with another boat.  It was Saturday, the sun was shining, music was playing, & the company was great.

Once we were inland we ate an early dinner and relaxed for a short time.  Once we felt energized we regrouped & spent the night shooting darts & drinking at some local bars.

Next – a foam party.  If you follow my Instagram , you saw what I saw.  If I’d been drinking I imagine I probably would’ve had fun – I really love EDM music, but the crowd were in their swimsuits & covered in head 2 toe foam – sober me was over it in about 5 minutes 😂

Sunday afternoon we spent the entire day working on the house. Enough said.


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 12.42.23 PM.pngSunday evening we gathered a big group of friends & went down to Game Day Sports Bar to watch a live band.   This bar is really cool because in addition to its’ indoor volleyball courts, it has a huge outdoor patio with fire pits, a music stage, and a ton of games – volleyball, horseshoes, yard bags, & even a swingset.


We stayed watching the band for a few hours before Jacob & I turned in – we were so exhausted from our house projects.  Again, if you follow my Instagram you know what I’m talking about.



Monday we spent all day working on house projects.  Jacob went to work in the evening so I sat in our backyard & watched the fireworks.  Our house is lakefront & we can see neighboring towns shoot fireworks so this was really cool.   It was an early solo night for me.


Tuesday, July 4th was the height of our weekend.


I spent all morning cleaning & preparing for the holiday because IMG_5136Jacob & I decided to host our friends for a lake party.  Once our friends arrived about noon, we loaded onto the boats & spent all afternoon out on the water.

We had 2 boats running and I had the time of my life with our friends tubing, water skiing, & wake boarding. Tubing is one of my absolute favorite summertime activities, but this year I gathered the courage to try water ski’s – for the first time ever.



After a couple of attempts in the water… I managed to pull myself out & up onto the skis!  Wow, what an adrenaline
rush.  Just as quickly as I popped up, I fell down (I count maybe 10 seconds I stayed up, but I’ll count it as a success!)


IMG_5133I even give myself credit for getting into the water & trying waterskiing in front of all our friends – I had a blast (*insert quote about stepping out of your comfort zone* 😉  )






Once everyone was feeling sore from boating all day, we grilled & spent the rest of daylight playing yard games.

Have ya’ll ever played
Spikeball ?

The guys spent all afternoon playing this game & it’s so cool!

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Once it got dark, we gathered on the dock & watched the fireworks from the lake.
I know everyone says this but – I have the best friends in the entire world.

So, you know those weekends that you wish you could relive? – Yah, this was one of those weekends.



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