What About My Outfit

Cheers to new adventure.



I’m MiKall, a 20-something chic from the Midwest.


I’m traveling the country on an assignment with my husband. We’re currently located in New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment, indeed.

In our free time, we enjoy exploring new areas and learning about…everything.



I have a crazy love for places like hole-in-the-wall restaurants, cutesy coffee shops, and local thrift stores.

I find inspiration..everywhere.

I’m not just “another” blogger.


I’m different

I’m crazy about authenticity.
Once I began expressing myself on Instagram, I couldn’t believe how many people I started connecting with.


My goal is to show people that life is fun, fitting the mold is boring, and having a “who cares what people think” attitude makes life so much more awesome.


Being authentic is important to me, so I love keeping my page relatable and real.  I’ll talk about my successes, but I’ll also talk about my struggles, becuase that’s life. 


Oh yah, I talk alot about self-love because I believe that without self-love, you haven’t seen what life truly has in store for you❤️



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